Wedding Cake Win!

Last time I wrote about wedding cakes, I predicted our tasting would be a “hilarious disaster.” And I was actually looking forward to it. So even I am surprised to be writing a glowing endorsement of our little downtown bakery, called Chef Fleming’s, rather than relating a customer service horror story like what happened to Scott on the phone a couple weeks ago.

For some reason I imagined the Mean Cake Lady to look just like the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

For some reason I imagined the Mean Cake Lady to look just like the blue fairy from Sleeping Beauty.

We entered the shop early Saturday afternoon. (It was approximately 23498092 billion degrees outside, because it’s June in Vegas.) There were two women behind the counter, and as Scott informed them we were there for a wedding cake tasting, I was wildly speculating which one of them was the woman who was so testy with my fiancé over our lack of a color scheme. When one of the women said, “You’ll want to speak with the chef. I’ll go get him,” I was confused? Him? But I was so looking forward to making this woman cry!

Then out stepped the most adorable Danish man I’ve ever met in my life. He was carrying the most beautiful little cake I had ever seen. Encouraging us to each take a slice, I dug in. Breaking through the buttercream icing and fondant, I found a rich chocolate center with mousse filling. My tastebuds immediately lapsed into a sugar-induced panic attack. I knew at once that this was my favorite–and possibly the only appealing–part of wedding planning.

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 5.53.20 PMWhen I remarked to the Chef that it was the most delicious cake I had ever tasted, he said with a slight accent, “Yeah, there are a bunch of guys around here who will make you a beautiful cake, but it tastes like crap. Mine don’t.” This guy was quickly gaining points with me.

Then we got down to brass tacks, and he started asking us what we wanted the cake to look like. Of course, “color” was pretty high on the list. When he asked us what our wedding colors were, Scott and I glanced at each other nervously and clasped hands under the table. I was the one to break the news to him: “We don’t have wedding colors.”

There was a short pause. The Chef blinked, then said, “You guys are a couple o’ rebels! I like it!” Then he continued jotting down notes.

Needless to say, we adopted him that day.

Scott and I walked out of the shop happier than I expected to, and carrying a cake that was devoured within hours as soon as I brought it home. I am happy to declare this experience a wedding cake WIN and can wait to see the finished product in September!


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