FAQs: My Wedding Day Look

Unlike “colors” and decorations and awkward slow-dancing, one aspect of wedding planning I can totally get in to is fashion and style. And although I’m not having bridesmaids or flowers, I’ve been very excited about finding a wedding dress and choosing my own hair, makeup, and accessories. Because I’m a girl and I’m getting married and sometimes it’s okay to forget about things like drug cartels and ISIS and refugee crises for a minute and just have fun getting pretty!!!

The Dress

My dress...The Preciousssss...

My dress…The Preciousssss… (Source: Nordstrom)

I would never, ever wear a long, white dress to anything. Especially not on a day when I want to look my best. There are some beautiful white wedding gowns out there, but I don’t find the combination of the color and the length to be very flattering on me. (Maybe if I was blonde and skinny and tan, but I am not any of those things.) So, as I am wont to do, I started thinking a little bit outside the box.

Full disclosure: I found my wedding dress before Scott and I even got engaged. We had been talking about getting married (obviously), and I was just curious, so I hopped on Nordstrom’s website and found a gorgeous Adrianna Papell gown in about five minutes. They had my size, I ordered it, I tried it on, and it was perfect. BAM. Done.

I love the blush color and the sequin details on my dress, and the best part is, it’s something I could wear again if I wanted to.


I love me some Steves.

I love me some Steves. (Source: Nordstrom)

I wanted my wedding day accessories to scream “I’m a white girl in 2015” so naturally I chose rose gold, the big trend these days. All joking aside, I do think that rose gold is stunning, and it’s the color of my engagement ring so I decided to go with it. I got some rose gold Steve Madden strappy sandals which are sooooo uncomfortable yet sooooo beautiful and a pendant from this darling Etsy shop to match.

I don’t think I’m going to get a wedding band. I love the unique shape of my engagement ring, and it looks great alone. Scott has plans to get a matte rose gold band for himself.

For my “something old,” I’m wearing my mom’s diamond stud earrings which were given to her by her mom. And for my “something borrowed/something blue,” I was graciously lent my late great-grandmother’s aquamarine ring for the occasion. See?! I don’t hate all wedding traditions!



(Source: Pinterest)

My hairstyle was somewhat of a controversy in my family. My mom insisted that I get a fancy updo, “because it looks more bridal.” However, I almost never wear my hair up because I have a round face and having my hair gathered away from my face makes it appear fuller and, in my mind, chubbier. So, with the support of my dad and my fiancé, I chose to leave it down in waves, but as a nod to the wisdom of my mother, I did elect to try something new. I’m in love with this “side-swept” style and have chosen a rose gold comb studded with rhinestones in order to, as she suggest, make it look “more bridal.” 🙂

Although I’m notoriously cheap when it comes to beauty (for example, I’ve never ever had a pedicure), beauty rockstar and high school friend Brooke has agreed to do my hair for me, because I don’t want to deal with the stress of doing my own hair on my wedding day. Best to leave this stuff to the professionals.


Why yes, this is in fact exactly how I look every day.

Why yes, this is in fact exactly how I look every day. (Source: Pinterest)

I am awful with makeup. I wear the same combination of BB cream, eyeshadow, and drugstore mascara every day. When I do try to implement a full makeup regimen, the result is full-blown blackface that rubs off on peoples’ sleeves when I hug them. So, like my hair deal, I enlisted the help of friend and co-worker Rachel to remove any fretting about my face on the big day as well. I picked a light, classic look because 1) it goes well with the rest of what I’ve got goin’ on and 2) whenever I try to “highlight and contour” or a “bold lip” or a “smoky eye” I end up looking like somebody put a Barbie in the microwave.

What do you think of my choices? Any advice? What did you look like on your wedding day?


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